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Jeffrey is the most reliable and experienced real estate agent we have worked with.

He made the entire process of selling our home as easy and smooth as possible. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He listens and provides informative and helpful advice. Always kept in good communication with us. I think he is brilliant in what he does and couldn’t recommend him more highly.


Jeffrey Is one of the most well respected, knowledgeable, and hardest working agents that I know.

Jeffrey genuinely cares about making sure he does what's best for his clients and does a great job explaining all the important steps of the transaction for A to Z. Jeffrey will even let you use his moving truck.

Khristina Berquist

Jeff DeJesus helped me sell and purchase a home in 2005.

We were able to sell and move into our new home quick. Great work. I will call him again when it's time for me to buy again.


Jeffrey was great in helping me with my apartment rental listing.

I emailed him the pictures and descriptions of the unit. He posted it on his Facebook page right away. I got a call that afternoon. It was rented out in less than 5 days.


I give Jeffrey and his team five stars on all of the above categories.

Jeffrey is an asset to have in your team whether you're selling or buying properties. What sets him apart? Jeffrey does not set boundaries in order to attain the client's goals. His skillful negotiation right off the bat locked in our offer to purchase our new home in Richmond CA.. Thank you, Jeff...


I have found Jeffrey De Jesus to be a person who cares about our community by the way he donates his time to make the lives of others better.

In Daly City, he has been accessible and available to help in any causes. Jeffrey was raised in Daly City, and his commitment to improving people's lives through homeownership is greatly appreciated.


I was selling my dad's house in a probate situation.

I had originally hired a real estate agent, who couldn't get anything done in 3 months. I didn't know the first thing about selling a house, so a friend of mine referred me to Jeff. Jeff was very patient with me and explained the probate selling process to me and made sure that I understood each and every step. I live 100 miles from the property and Jeff made sure that if I couldn't be at the property, he would be there. Not only did he make it to the property, he was there ON time, EVERY time. Jeff stayed in contact with me, let me know everything that was going on, and if he was busy he had his assistant in contact with me. Jeff's team was magnificent and I would definitely recommend them and use them again.



We met Jeff in 2009 when we were looking for a house accross the Bay.. But because of Jeff's expertise in Real Estate we were able to buy the house, the perfect house we were looking for here in Daly City. He gave us a very good financial advise and the real estate market. Now that we are about to retire soon, we met up with Jeff again. This time to sell the townhouse that he helped us bought 11 years ago. He put the house in the market on December 23, 2020, we had the offer and signed the contract on Dec 25, 2020. OUR HOUSE WAS ONLY IN THE MARKET FOR 2 DAYS! We will be closing by the end of the month. . . THANK YOU VERY MUCH JEFF & TEAM FOR A JOB WELL DONE. WE WILL NOT ONLY GIVE YOU 5 STARS, WE WILL GIVE YOU A PERFECT 10 WE WERE NOT BEING TREATED AS CLIENT BUT LIKE A FAMILY. THANK YOU GUYS AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Reuben & Susana B.

Jeff is an exceptionally well-seasoned agent who definitely knows his stuff.

He's the perfect fit for someone who wants an agent who's knowledgeable and done his homework. Jeff is an agent who will take his time understanding your residential needs and interests this will drastically cut down the unnecessary time spent viewing pointless open houses or properties well outside your budget. Also, how many agents do you know who will provide a moving truck and a pizza as a courtesy to the client? Jeff's the best period!


We were very happy with Jeffrey's professionalism.

Selling our condo was a breeze--he was always available and kept in good communication with us throughout the whole process. We were able to close in less than 30 days without any problems. His staff is also top-notch -- equally responsive, high attention to detail and good follow-through. They are a great team to have in your corner in what is a very stressful process.


Jeffery is a very Knowledgeable an honest Realtor.

He is very informative with his clients. Jeffery is always there to answer any an all of my questions in detail. I would highly recommend Jeffery as a Realtor.


Jeffrey is a very kind man.

What a positive impact on our community, I know these things do not happen without a great deal of effort from Jefferey. I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work and giving back to our community. I commend you and your emphasis on kindness and helping others. Such kindness does not go unnoticed. Keep up the good work. Proud of you!


I've worked with Jeff on numerous transactions.

Throughout my experience he's been very diligent in making sure his transactions are carefully structured, negotiated, and closed. He's a very good resource for information and always represents his clients the best of his ability.

Tony Garnicki

Jeff is very knowledgeable in the real estate business.

He is aware of the latest updates & news. His team is super great, response time is fast and has expert negotiation skills. Although our transaction did not go through because of some personal issues, when the time is right, I will not hesitate to re-connect with him.


From 1998 through 2003, I have been outbid over 30 times.

I decided to hire another agent and chosen Jeff. Jeff started searching for homes that fit my budget and desired location. We placed several bids on wonderful homes and yes, I was outbid again. Jeff was resilient and aggressively searched to find me a home. He showed a home in the Laurel District of Oakland. Living in Oakland since 1995, I did not know this area existed. Jeff found the perfect home for me that had a view of the San Francisco and that the Sun always shined on it from Dusk till Dawn. I remember Jeff calling me after a long hard day at work. He wanted me to sign some documents so we could place another bid on that home in Oakland. I was so disenchanted because I knew I would be outbid again. Note that this was the peek of the Dot Com era and people had money. Jeff insisted that I place a bid on that home. I went to his home around 10:00 PM and signed the documents. Needless to say, I was outbid again. About a month later, Jeff called me and told me that the owner accepted my offer. Apparently every person who bid on that home somehow could not buy the house right away. They accepted my offer of $1000.00 over asking. Thanks to Jeff, I'm still in that home and this house has made me more money than my 401K ever has. I highly recommend Jeff as a trusted Agent. - SGT. Rex Aquino, Oakland, CA.


If the purpose of using a real estate agent is to make the purchase of a new home stress-free, then Jeff is your man.

Throughout the process of our recent purchase, his communication skills are excellent keeping us well informed and advised at every turn. There isn't anyone we have more confidence in with his broad knowledge of properties in the area and Real Estate Law. We were delighted and so comfortable for him to act on our behalf negotiating with the utmost integrity. He has earned our trust and my wife and I think he is brilliant in what he does and couldn't recommend him more highly.


Selling a house could be very stressful but my experience working with Jeffrey and his team made the whole process easier .

His knowledge in the real estate business , great negotiation skills and fast response to his clients needs helped a lot . Having his own moving truck made our move more convenient and saved us a lot of money . I would be more than happy to recommend Jeffrey and his team to my friends and relatives . Thank you Jeffrey /Jen for being the good persons that you are . Continue the good work .

Cleofe de la Cruz

Jeffrey is quite knowledgeable about real estate.

He has helped me in the purchase of two homes and I would use him if I ever decide to sell or purchase another home. He was always just a phone call away to answer any questions I have had, and his recommendations were very professional and thorough. I highly recommend him for all your real estate needs.


Jeffrey is very easy to communicate with.

He is a good listener which is very important to me. I've known Jeffrey for many years now he has helped my friends purchase their first home and they were very happy with him. He has helped me with my rentals to find the right tenant.

Lina Reyes

I will definitely recommend Jeffrey to friends and family.

First, he helped me sell my SSF home. He made sure that the house was well-prepped before putting it out in the market. He recommended this contractor to do some re-painting, and some minor patching up to make the house really presentable and appealing, at a very affordable price. A week after the first open house and we got some really good offers, they backed out after a couple of days but no problem, Jeff was able to find a new buyer in less than a week. Sold the house in less than a month for $50+K more than the asking price, awesome! We were really under pressure to sell it because the house that I put an offer on (also with Jeff's help) was contingent upon the sale of the said SSF home. I was worried at first because we literally had to sell the house in a month's time, but Jeff was always reassuring me. And sure enough, he proved that he can pull through! Oh and by the way, he really negotiated and jumped through so many hoops for me, to get the builders to accept our offer for the new house, because of the said contingency. And so now I'm enjoying my new house with my family, all with the help of Jeffrey! I almost forgot to mention, he also a moving truck that he loans to his clients, and he doesn't even charge you for it, just make sure you fill up the tank! Nina, his assistant will definitely help you with borrowing the truck process.


Jeff has been my agent since 2003.

I bought my first and second home with him. After many years of his service, he has never changed. He continues to offer great service and truly is well knowledgeable in current market conditions. His negotiation skills are second to none. His work ethic is incredible. In the near future, I plan to sell my second home and purchase another. It is with no doubt I will be calling Jeff to represent me on all transactions. Jeff has earned my business for life.


Jeff is the most reliable and experienced real estate agent we have worked with.

He is honest and passionate about providing the best experience for his clients. He helped us buy and then sell property in Daly City, CA. My family and I recommend hiring Jeff if anybody out there wants to employ a Superstar real estate agent and get the best deal on their home sweet home.

ra cali

Selling real estate is nothing but a dream until you do something about it.

Brother Jeffrey De Jesus has been killing it in this business consistently for years. Documentation beats conversation any day. He is the Bay Area's top Realtor and his programs to help is the absolute best. So what do I do...”Join Him”. We do real estate on all of USA so if any realtors out there, any state “ including Hawaii, let’s talk”. Now that’s powerful !!! Stay Blessed Y’all !!!!

Ricky L

Jeffrey is very knowledgeable about real estate and does his due diligence to offer his clients the best deals and services.

He is the most resourceful and accommodating agent I have ever met. I highly recommend him.


Jeff, Jen and the team came in like angels and carried my project through to completion.

We had many obstacles to overcome, but with hard work and Jeff’s vision nothing is impossible. Legal assistance, funding, selling/refinancing they have the bandwidth for severe contingencies. I would not have been able to reverse the situation I was in without his help and advice. Cheers to the team and my hats off to Jeff for his wisdom and confidence he brought to my table.


I am very satisfied with Jefferey and his team who made my house hunting an adventure.

They were able to accommodate our needs while staying within our budget. Thank you for the experience that we were able to embark with you and your team.


Jeffrey DeJesus is wonderful!

Great person period! Very knowledgable and helpful. He listens and provides informative and helpful advice. He is always available and responds to inquiries right away. I would definitely refer friends and family to Jeffrey De Jesus in the future.


Jeff is the best!

Thank you Mr. DeJESUS. You found me a place to rent ASAP and you are now selling a good friend of mines sell his house. He is very happy with your services as well. Thanks again


Jeff is great when it deals with your Real Estate needs.

He's very knowledgeable about it and it has to do with the experience he's had in the Real Estate business. Thanks for everything you do.


We emailed Jeff & co.

to assist us in home hunting... we are first time buyer and we don't know how and where to start. Zeo immediately sent me a text message for the perfect time we could discuss our terms and conditions and in less than a month we able to find the perfect house for us. Her team able to support and assist us in all aspects as well as the smooth flow in completing all the requirements on time with less pressure and stress! Thanks for everything!


My experience with Jeffrey and his team was one of a kind, not only did he give my wife and me direction and advice in purchasing our dream home, he also helped immensely after the purchase.

Really above and beyond.


Jeffrey's initial presentation with the client is most impressive.

He is very thorough and up to date with his market analysis. Thus setting him apart from those that I had worked with - has the right knowledge of the market and exhibits the ability to apply this to the seller and buyer to set a better price in the process of negotiation. He posses the necessary skills to articulate the market data to the seller's advantage. Needless to say, he is always a phone call away and responds to the individual's needs timely. He is always patient, courteous, and respectful in his dealings. One of the most important assets he possesses is his skill of listening and comprehension.


Jeff is an expert in his field.

His demeanor exudes confidence and treats you like a great friend. Helpful and gracious. He responds promptly to my calls and emails. I recommend him to help you find what you will not be disappointed.

tes vicente

We sold our Belmont in two weeks and then had to find a new home FAST!

He showed us how to declutter our 3 story home and hide the dogs for the open houses. Jeffrey made the entire process smooth and fairly painless. His knowledge and experience are extensive. Jeffrey and his staff were available 24/7 - we never had to wait for more than a couple of minutes for a callback - if that. We ended up with a home beyond our expectations and at a price, we were willing to pay. It was truly a bargain! Jeffrey de Jesus is patient, honest, and focused on making you happy. He and his staff are wonderful!


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