California Home Buying Process

Dated: July 8 2021

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Buying a house is exciting and complicated at the same time. Understanding the process is a good first step before starting the journey. 

 I put together these steps that will, hopefully, make you understand what happens when you buy a home. 


Your financial situation will affect your buying options especially if you want to take out a mortgage.

 It is best to talk to a licensed lender when you are trying to figure out how much you can afford. I strongly discourage searching for a home before taking this step. I wouldn't want you to get disappointed when you find out you can't afford the home you want.


Just like a house’s layout and features, its neighborhood is just as important. 

 Consider these two factors when choosing the right neighborhood.


Checking for the average home value of a neighborhood will show if you can afford to live there.


Your neighborhood can impact almost everything in your life. Consider the neighborhood's proximity to your work, public transportation, restaurants, and schools. 


Your main ally will be your real estate agent, like me, during the home buying process. Not only will he help find and show a house, he will also make the process as stress-free as possible. It is also his responsibility to make sure you get a great deal when you find the right house.


Having a mortgage pre-approval letter will give you access to most sellers' homes as it is required. Sellers will not want to waste their time with buyers who are not financially ready to put in an offer.

 Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will give the seller the confidence to accept your offer. You will be able to charm them with this and close the deal.


This is the most fun step in the house buying process. The only hard part is the decision-making. Why? It is because there are so many houses that may capture your attention. 

 (Stay tuned for the House Needs and Wants questionnaire.)


When you finally find a house that you love, it's time to make an offer. It is time to persuade the seller to sell it to you. Your real estate agent will help you with this. He will make sure to make your offer as appealing as possible.


When your offer is accepted, appraisals and inspections will be done to ensure the home is in good condition. The results will allow you to negotiate the price if something unexpected is found.

 Sample INSPECTIONS are roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more. 

 The appraisal is needed most especially if you are taking out a mortgage. It will ensure that the house is worth the sum of money they are giving to you.


You will be able to do a final walkthrough of the house when it's time to close. You will be inspecting the condition of the house. Remember to remain focused so you don't miss anything. Don't let the excitement get to you. 

 You can run through this checklist:

Testing every light switch and electrical outlet

Flushing all toilets

Inspecting the walls, ceilings, floors and other imperfections 

Running the water to look for any leaks

Checking air conditioning and heating system

Check windows for any damage

Making sure all trash and belongings of the previous owners have been removed

 On the day of closing, be prepared for a ton of paperwork to be signed. 

Your real estate agent will be there to explain every document before closing. Ask questions before signing. Your real estate agent will be there to answer them.

It is safe to say that buying a house is time-consuming and very exciting. It is a commitment and will require your full involvement. As long as you have the right real estate agent by your side, you will go through the entire process like a piece of cake.

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